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Rev1's latest project... you can help make it happen!

 As some of you may know, I've been working off and on for the past three years on a computer animated hip hop space opera music video epic. Album sales have slowed to a stop, and right now, I'm trying to raise the remainder of the budget to make this video through kickstarter's awesome crowd-sourcing platform. How it works is this: you pledge a couple of bucks in support of a project, however much you feel like. If the project meets its funding goal by the end of the fund raising period, then you're billed and the money goes to the project creator to create their awesome project. If the funding goal ISN'T reached, then nobody is billed. It's sort of a risk-free way of supporting unique enterprises, be they films, comics, albums, sculptures, products, whatever.

Why is crowd-sourcing awesome? Because it takes funding out the hands of big-time investors. Indie artists no longer have to court major labels, studios, or angel investors to get money, because this system allows EVERYBODY who's interested to chip in as little or as much as they feel like. If you wanted to help by pledging $1 you could just that. If you wanted to pledge $4000, you could also do that.

Anyway, feel free to visit the kickstarter page and see what it's all about, and then please tell your networks about the project.
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